The Practicum in Long-Term Care Administration is designed to help students apply classroom knowledge and concepts to the practice under the guidance of a preceptor, who is selected to match the student’s needs. Policies include:

  • All initial contacts and final arrangements for placement at a practicum site are made through the center with the practicum coordinator.
  • Any student who arranges a practicum site without counsel and consent of the center will be ineligible to register for the practicum course.
  • We would prefer that students not take a practicum at any site that is part of an organization where they are already employed.
  • If two administrators refuse to accept an individual practicum student, the center will no longer be obliged to pursue practicum arrangements for that student.
  • Final decision of a practicum site is made jointly by the student, the practicum coordinator, and the preceptor.
  • The practicum can only be taken on a S/N credit grade basis.
  • A student will receive an S (Satisfactory) if:
    • The required hours have been completed within 20 weeks of the starting date of the practicum. (The number of hours in each case will be determined by the Licensure Board.)
    • A satisfactory project report has been submitted in writing and reported to peers within the 20-week practicum period.
    • All required reports have been submitted in a timely fashion.
    • The preceptor’s evaluation is satisfactory.
  • A student will receive an N (no-credit) if:
  • Any item in the above S requirements are not fulfilled.
  • The center faculty and preceptor judge two or more behavior or judgment incidents as indicative of poor administrative potential.
  • The practicum requires that the intern is able to devote a minimum of 20 hours per week, from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. weekdays at the practicum site.

Student Responsibilities Prior to the Practicum

Before the practicum begins, complete at least three of the four major content areas required by the Licensure Board:

  • Organizational management/human resources
  • Services/gerontology
  • Accounting/finance
  • Regulation/law

It is recommended that all other coursework presented for licensure be completed before initiating the practicum. Individual preceptors may decline to take a student if all other course work has not been completed.

At least two months prior to the beginning of the intended practicum:

  • Submit a completed plan of study and student information form.
  • Get approval from the Licensure Board for any course not on the board-approved list and which the student intends to use to satisfy licensure requirements.

Registration is handled by mail only. Information regarding registration will be sent to students prior to the first practicum seminar.

Practicum Placement Procedure

  • Eight weeks before a practicum begins, the practicum coordinator reviews the student information forms and draws up a list of potential practicum sites.
  • The practicum coordinator contacts potential preceptors regarding their willingness to have an administrative intern for the practicum period.
  • The coordinator contacts the intern about the practicum site that has been selected.
  • The intern contacts the potential preceptor and arranges for an interview.
  • Both the intern and the preceptor contact the coordinator regarding their willingness to proceed with the practicum.
  • If either the preceptor or the intern is unwilling to proceed, a second practicum site will be selected and the interview process repeated.
  • Each practicum begins with a seminar day which includes a review of the practicum design, procedures, and performance requirements.
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