Why should I get a Public Health Certificate in Preparedness, Response and Recovery (PHCert-PRR)?

The PHCert-PRR program helps prepare public health workers and others to respond to incidents of bioterrorism, infectious disease outbreaks, and other emerging public health issues. Many students use their public health knowledge and skills to enhance opportunities in their current work or career path.

Who is eligible for the program?

The certificate is designed for working professionals in health or human services who have at least a baccalaureate degree.

How long does the program take?

The certificate must be completed within four years of matriculation. The courses are completed by attending the Public Health Institute, which is held annually for three weeks during the end of May and beginning of June. The minimum amount of time to complete the PHCert-PRR is 13 months. This requires full-time attendance of at least two PHIs.

Can I transfer credits from the certificate to a degree program at the School of Public Health?

Credits acquired while taking the required curriculum in the PHCert-PRR may be credited to an MPH within the School of Public Health under certain circumstances.

Is financial aid available?

No, students accepted to this certificate program are not eligible to apply for federal financial aid.

Are scholarships available?

Limited scholarship may be available for PHC-PRR students, but the availability of funds varies from year to year.

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