OIPRT Curriculum (PDF)

This program incorporates advanced training through curriculum and research opportunities that involve interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary collaborations with experts in safety, occupational injury epidemiology, engineering and human factors/ergonomics, medicine, and the social sciences, including occupational psychology.

All students complete a rigorous curriculum, including occupational safety engineering and science courses, epidemiology, injury/occupational epidemiology, biostatistics, advanced epidemiology methods, research and design courses, occupational psychology, and coursework that provides both breadth and depth in environmental and occupational health as the context for their research efforts.

The degree provided from this program is a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Environmental Health. Candidacy for the PhD program requires completion of the master’s degree (or the equivalent) in Environmental Health or related field.  Students can enroll in an MPH or MS degree program within the Division of Environmental Health Sciences in preparation for the PhD program.

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