David Henriksen, MHA ’10 develops management tools course

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																			July 21, 2014


David Henriksen, MHA ‘10 has learned some useful project management skills since graduating from the Minnesota MHA program five years ago.

As a matter of fact, these skills helped him to secure his current position as assistant regional operations officer at Intermountain Healthcare.

“I realized MHA graduates need a set of tools to manage projects throughout their career,” notes Henriksen.” “These tools matter most during the first five years of their career, especially during internships, fellowships and first jobs.”

Henriksen contacted Daniel Zismer, MHA program director, about developing a project management workshop for the full-time program. Zismer was impressed and invited him to develop a course.

This spring Henriksen returned to the classroom to teach Healthcare Project Management to the full-time Class of 2015. Students were pleased with his teaching style that encourages dialogue while keeping a quick pace and demonstrating Microsoft Visio and playing video clips.

“Dave imparted the interpersonal aspects of project management and how to address common hurdles that he has encountered,” says Heidi Hayes, second year MHA student. “The timing of the class readies students for their problem solving field experiences and summer residencies.”

Zismer agrees with Haye’s assessment. “The course will better prepare students to manage complex healthcare projects and produce solid deliverables to the organizations they work for and the patients they serve,” he says.

Drew Hatton, MHA curriculum coordinator, played a role in facilitating the course and will make it available online for executive MHA students. The course is now approved for university credit.

Henriksen plans to return to campus next spring semester to teach the course to the full-time Class of 2016.

Posted by Mona Rath

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