In the Media – November 2018

									Charlie Plain |
																			December 3, 2018

Recent media coverage of School of Public Health faculty, researchers, students, and post-doctoral fellows.

Silvia Balbo
11/02: Are E-Cigarettes Safe? Here’s What the Science Says (Time)

Nicole Basta
11/08: The Reason Last Year’s Flu Season Was Deadly? Not Enough Vaccinations (Healthline)
11/11: The Reason Last Year’s Flu Season Was Deadly Could Have Been Your Fault (
11/12: Save a Grandma. Get Your Flu Shot (LA Times)

Tim Beebe
11/29: School of Public Health Awarded $4 Million for Training Program to Improve Patient Care Research (The Minnesota Daily)

Jeff Bender
11/09: ‘Needle Know-How’ Webinar Gets to the Point (National Hog Farmer)

Hannah Brekke (student)
11/25: Expand Options for Dental Care (La Crosse Tribune)

Bert Chantarat and Cresta Jones (students)
11/12: Childbirth Treatment Options Lack for Opioid-Using Women in Rural Areas (MN Daily)

John Finnegan
11/29: Reports of Sexual Assault and Mental Health Issues Spike at UMN (The Minnesota Daily)

Melanie Firestone
11/14: Research Brief: Letter Grade Program Linked to Declines in Salmonella Infections in New York City (UMN News)
11/15: Salmonella Infections Declined After NYC Required Restaurants to Post Inspection Grades (Healio)
11/16: Do New York Restaurant Grades Really Work? (WTNH News 8)
11/19: Salmonella Studies: New Drug-Resistant Strain, Effective Control Measure (Contagion Live
11/23: Restaurant ‘Health Grade’ Posters Could Mean Safer Dining (HealthDay)
11/23: Letter Grades for Restaurants Helped Reduce Salmonella Illnesses in New York City (Food Safety News)

Susan Foote
11/10: Insurers Put Out Lures as Medicare Recipients Face Big Changes (Minneapolis StarTribune)

Simone French and Nancy Sherwood
11/08: Research Brief: Obesity Prevention Among Low-Income, Diverse Preschool-Aged Children and Parents (UMN News)
11/08: University of Minnesota Study Suggests Support for Parents Can Help Trim Child Obesity (Minneapolis StarTribune)
11/09: Obesity Prevention Among Low-Income, Diverse Preschool-Aged Children and Parents (Medical Xpress)

Joseph Gaugler
11/03: University of Minnesota Professor Begins Statewide Tour to Shed Light on Alzheimer’s (StarTribune)
11/17: Saturday Night with Esme Murphy (WCCO Radio)
11/20: University Professor Brings Alzheimer’s Awareness to Each Minnesota County (Minnesota Daily)

Maria Regan Gonzalez (current Executive PHP student)
11/07: Richfield Elects Maria Regan Gonzalez, the First Latina Mayor In the State (StarTribune)
11/09: Richfield Elects Minnesota’s First Latina Mayor (KARE 11)
11/14: New Minnesota Mayor is Janesville Product (GazetteXtra)

Rachel Hardeman 
11/01: Premature Birth Rates Rise Again, But a Few States are Turning Things Around (NPR)
11/27: The Health Care System is Tough, Especially for Black Women (Minnesota Public Radio)

Health News Review
11/05: Better Healthcare Newsletter from Patrick Malone – November 2018 (JD Supra)

Carrie Henning-Smith
11/09: MN Matters – 15:32 (Minnesota News Network)
11/29: Pregnant Women Face Risk Despite Federal ER Law (WebMD)

Katy Kozhimannil
11/01: Rural Hospitals and Medicaid’s Trick Bag (Nonprofit Quarterly)
11/01: Reversing the Rise In Maternal Mortality (Health Affairs)
11/02: Births Affected By Opioids Continue To Rise Among Rural Women (The Fix)
11/03: New Mothers with Opioid Addiction Challenge Rural Hospitals, University of Minnesota Study Finds (StarTribune)
11/05: KHN Morning Briefing (Kaiser Health News)
11/05: Rural American Hospitals are not Prepared for the Rise in Babies Born with Opioid Withdrawal (Quartz)
11/06: Health Notes – Opioids Affecting Rural Births (Duluth News Tribune)
11/06: Welcome to Election Day (Politico)
11/12: First Steps to Healthy Babies: Program Aims to Reduce Opioid-Affected Births at Rural Hospitals (MinnPost)
11/16: Born Addicted: Opioid-Affected Births on the Rise; Early Treatment is Key (Detroit Lakes Online)
11/21: Lactation Litigation: More Lawsuits Alleging Discrimination Against Breastfeeding moms (Minnesota Public Radio)
11/24: The Closing of Maternity Wards — And What To Do About It (New Hampshire Public Radio)

Kamakshi Lakshminarayan
11/30: Infections Could Trigger Cardiovascular Disease (Medical News Today)

JP Leider (lecturer)
11/30: Flaws in Reporting Create Knowledge Vacuum Regarding Community Benefits (Modern Healthcare)

Russell Luepker
11/13: AHA: Progress on CVD Mortality Is Anything But (Medpage Today)

Pamela Lutsey 
11/26: Lung Disease in Middle Age May Be a Risk Factor for Dementia Later in Life (EurekAlert!)
11/26: Lung Disease in Middle Age May Be a Risk Factor for Dementia Later in Life (Medical Xpress)
11/27: Lung Disease May Increase Dementia Risk (Medical News Today)
11/27: Lung Disease Could Lead To Dementia In Later Life (Doctor NDTV)
11/30: Reduced Lung Function Linked to Increased Risk of Dementia, Cognitive Impairment, Study Reveals (Pulmonary Fibrosis News)

Susan Mason
11/02: As Premature Births Rise, Study Finds They Face Higher Rates of Abuse (USC Center for Health Journalism)
11/05: Research Brief: Poor nutrition ruled out as cause for obesity in adults abused as children (UMN News)

Rowan Mahon (student)
11/21: Billion of Dollars in Medications are Thrown Away Every Year; But There’s a Solution (Star Tribune)

Dianne Neumark-Sztainer
11/15: Yoga Holds Promise To Help People Feel Better About Their Bodies (CBS Minnesota)
11/27: Unhealthy Weight Control Efforts Started In Childhood Persist Into Adulthood (CBS Minnesota)

Ruby Nguyen
11/29: Research Brief: Exposure to Chemical in Many Plastics Linked to Language Delay in Toddlers (UMN News)

Faye Norby (research fellow and student)
11/29: Research Brief: Enlarged Heart Linked to a Higher Risk of Dementia (UMN News)
11/30: Enlarged Heart Linked to a Higher Risk of Dementia (Medical Xpress)

Michael Osterholm
11/02: Health Highlights (U.S. News & World Report)
11/02: Health Highlights (Health Day)
11/03: How to Turbocharge Flu Protection (Llamas Required) (The New York Times)
11/04: This flu season should serve as a wake-up call – we need to redouble our efforts to prevent and treat the flu (Fox News)
11/05: Need a Flu Shot? Get It Now (The New York Times)
11/12: Can You Stave Off A Cold With Willpower? (FiveThirtyEight)
11/15: Polio-Like Illness in 39 States Tests Overstretched Public Health System (Governing)
11/15: Mysterious Polio-Like Illness Tests An Overstretched Public Health System (The Huffington Post)
11/20: What if a Deadly Influenza Pandemic Broke Out Today? (BBC-Future)
11/21: Simple Advice: Get a Flu Shot (Chinook Observer)
11/22: Could Your Dog Make You Sick? (U.S. News & World Report)
11/30: Ebola Outbreak in Congo Grows to become World’s 2nd-Worst (The Hill)

Mark Pereira
11/16: Here’s More Evidence Obesity Can Shorten Your Life (HealthDay)
11/19: Ask About Weight History to Learn More About Mortality Risk (Medpage Today)
11/20: Weight History Will Help Determine Risk of Early Death (Medscape)

Simon Rosser
11/01: When it Comes to Prostate Cancer, ‘Gay Men are Erased,’ Patients Say (NBC News)

Rural Health Research Center
11/14: Health Deserts Plague Rural Areas but Specific Programs are Addressing Needs (WOUB)

SHADAC (State Health Access Data Assistance Center)
11/09: A Tale of Healthcare Transparency (New Hampshire Business Review)
11/28: Prescription Opioid Sales In New York From 2000 To 2017 (Patch-Plaiview, NY News)

Sohayla Shahsavand (student)
11/16: How Minnesota Could Help Prevent Childhood Obesity Among Latinos (MinnPost)

Nathan Shippee
11/01: Research Brief: Amphetamine-Related Hospitalizations Surge Between 2003 and 2015 (UMN News)
11/02: Amphetamine-Related Hospitalizations Surged Between 2003 and 2015 (Medical Xpress)
11/21: Opioids are in the Spotlight. But Meth Hospitalizations are Surging (Time)

Tetyana Shippee
11/05: Five-Star Ratings Don’t Tell Consumers, Investors About Skilled Nursing Safety (Skilled Nursing News)

Leigh Turner
11/13: FDA Warns California Clinic, Takes Aim at ‘Bad Actors’ in Stem-Cell Industry (San Francisco Chronicle)
11/28: State Task Force Forming to Investigate Stem Cell Clinics (NBC-San Diego)

Julia Urban (student)
11/26: Time to Do better for Minnesota’s Teens: Ways to Address Their High and Rising Rates of Chlamydia (MinnPost)

Jiani Yu (student)
11/28: Health Affairs Briefing: Telehealth (Health Affairs)

Beth Virnig
11/14: Screening or Diagnostic mMammogram? The Difference Could Cost You (Philadelphia Inquirer)
11/29: Screening or Diagnostic mammogram? The Difference Could Cost You (Pocono Record)


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