MHA Alumni Association partners with MHA Program for new strategic direction

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																			August 26, 2014

MHA-AA e-bannerSample2In early 2014, the MHA Alumni Association/Foundation (AA/F) Board of Directors voted on a new strategic direction to integrate operations with the MHA Program.  The goal with integration is to move the organization forward while providing the most benefit possible to MHA alumni, but also the MHA program, its current and future students, and the programs’ reputation through reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency.

The aim of the strategic change will retain the AA/F pillars of:

  • Engaging alumni to support the MHA program and its students
  • Supporting alumni in professional development and lifelong learning
  • Creating opportunities to connect with each other
  • Supporting the strategic plan with resources

Dan Zismer will serve as the CEO of the AA/F, which will retain the legal AA/F organizational structure and non-profit status, while the AA/F Board retains legal control over the organization’s balance sheet.  With the integration, operating expenses will decrease while giving the AA/F an opportunity to renew its focus on activities and fundraising that will propel the Minnesota MHA program to a national top ranking.

The School of Public Health’s Alumni and Constituent Relations team will serve as a conduit between the alumni community and the Program, and will utilize structure and processes in place at the University of Minnesota to keep operating costs at a minimum.

Alumni are encouraged to help build a stronger MHA program through participating in various upcoming alumni and program activities, mentoring and advising current students, or supporting the program financially.  There is a full schedule of activities planned for 2014, while focusing on increasing financial support to recruit the best and brightest students to Minnesota.

If you have questions or comments, please contact one of the individuals listed below.

Javon R. Bea, MHA ‘78
President, MHA Alumni Association/Foundation | 608-756-6627

Daniel K. Zismer, PhD
Wegmiller Professor and Chair in Healthcare Administration
MHA and Executive Studies Programs | 612.625.5148

Tara L. Anderson
Director of Alumni Relations, School of Public Health | 612.626.5536

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