Podcast series casts positive light on public health

									Mona Rath |
																			May 18, 2016
MPH-PHAP student and podcast producer Kate Murray.
MPH-PHAP student and podcast producer Kate Murray.

Public health is in need of a public relations makeover.  A recent CDC-funded study found that the mere mention of the phrase “public health” consistently conjured negative sentiments in respondents from outside the field.

Kate Murray, MPH-PHAP student, wants to change the public’s perception of public health so she developed a podcast series focused on individuals positively affected by public health policies, organizations, and campaigns.  Murray tells the stories of every day citizens and their connections to public health through health insurance and end-of-life decisions, while providing a channel for raising the profile of public health and its virtues.

Podcast: “Health Insurance: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”



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