SPH research ideas featured during October Grand Challenges forums

									Charlie Plain |
																			October 12, 2015

This past summer, Provost Karen Hansen invited faculty to identify areas of exceptional crossdisciplinary strength where the Twin Cities campus might stake out special claims as a research university. University faculty, including SPH faculty, submitted 130 ideas that are the basis for focused campus-wide discussions leading to the identification of 3-5 Grand Challenges to be embraced as institutional priorities.

SPH-faculty submissions will be discussed under 5 forum headings. Please consider attending the forums and listening to their ideas.

Forum 1:
Monday, Oct. 12—10:30 a.m.–12 noon, Rec & Wellness Ctr. Room MP5
How will we ensure just and equitable societies?

  • Creation of Critical/Applied Disability Studies at the University of Minnesota
    Co-Submitter: Kirk Allison
  • Investing in Early Child Development for Prosperity in a Changing World
    Co-Submitter: Wendy Hellerstedt
  • Mass Incarceration: The Grand Civil Rights Challenge of Our Day
    Co-Submitter: Wendy Hellerstedt

Forum 2:
Tuesday, Oct. 13—10–11:30 a.m., Rec & Wellness Ctr., Room MP5
How will we foster human potential and well-being across the life course in a diverse and changing world?

  • Digital Date Health Collaborative
    Lead Submitter: Becky Wurtz

Forum 3:
Wednesday, Oct. 14— 8:30–10 a.m., Coffman/Campus Club, W. Wing
How will we advance human health?

  • Creating Health Through Cross-Cultural Engagement
    Co-Submitter: John Finnegan
  • Aging and Chronic Care
    Lead Submitter: Robert Kane
  • Obesity Prevention: A Grand Challenge the University is Positioned to Address
    Lead Submitters: Lisa Harnack and Melissa Laska
  • The 10,000 Families Study
    Lead Submitter: Heather Nelson
    Co-Submitters: Ellen Demerath, Anna Prizment, DeAnn Lazovich, Nicole Basta, Shalini Kulasingam, Alvaro Alonso, Susan Mason

Forum 4:
Friday, Oct. 16—8:30–10 a.m., Coffman/Campus Club, W. Wing
How will we develop sustainable cities and resilient communities in a world of climate change?

  • Designing Cities to Maximize Opportunity, Health, and Happiness
    Co-Submitter: Matteo Convertino
  • Towards a Sustainable Global Environment: PM2.5 Health Effects and Control Technologies
    Co-Submitter: Gurumurthy Ramachandran
  • Sustainable Infrastructure and Cities: Reimagining Urban Infrastructure
    Lead Submitter: Matteo Convertino

Forum 5:
Thursday, Oct. 22— 9:30–11 a.m., Coffman/Mississippi Room
How will we provide secure food, water, and energy today and for the future?

  • MN Global Food Ventures
    Lead Submitter: Craig Hedberg
    Co-Submitter: John Finnegan
  • Stem and Economics in One Health: Quality, Quantity, Policy, and Development
    Co-Submitter: John Finnegan
  • Challenges in Our Pathway to Develop Strategies to Feed the Planet: Sustainability and Animal and Human Health in Highly Intensive Food Production Systems
    Co-Submitters: Craig Hedberg, Bruce Alexander
  • A Private-Public Partnership to Support Swine Health and Production
    Co-Submitter: Peter Raynor
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