Episode 10: Wake-Up Call

About this Episode:

Looking back and looking forward are inescapable actions even in the midst of a pandemic: What did we learn, or not, from the past and what will be different going forward? In this last episode of the series, we explore the history and the science of zoonotic pandemics and how COVID-19 could be a wake-up call for a brighter future.


Andy Slavitt | Board Chair, United States of Care, General Partner, Town Hall Ventures, Former Acting Administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services | BIO
Jeff Bender
, DVM | Professor, University of Minnesota School of Public Health | BIO
Curt Brown | Author| BIO
Melanie Firestone, PhD| 2020 UMN-SPH Graduate
Emily Friedrich, MHA | 2020 UMN-SPH Graduate
Stefani Aleman, MPH | 2020 UMN-SPH Graduate
John Finnegan | Dean and Professor at University of Minnesota School of Public Health
Michael Joyce | Producer and Host of ‘Health In All Matters’ Podcast

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