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For the sake of effective planning, it is important to note that two of the courses (Managerial Accounting and the Practicum) have a prerequisite. For Managerial Accounting, the prerequisite is successful completion of one of the following:

  • Two quarters of introduction to accounting (or)
  • One semester of introduction to accounting

The prerequisite for the Practicum is completion of at least three of the following in the Pre-Licensure sequence:

  • PubH 6535 – Health care Services Accounting
  • PubH 7580 – Organizational and HR Management in Long-Term Care
  • PubH 7581 – Gerontology and Services for Long-Term Care Residents
  • PubH 7587 and 7588 – Regulatory Management, Health Care Law, Information Uses

All of the courses in the Pre-Licensure sequence have been approved by the Minnesota Board of Licensure. However, some students may have taken similar courses elsewhere.

If you have already taken coursework or you have work experience that may fulfill the requirements of specific content areas related to licensure, bring a copy of your study plan to the executive director of the licensure board. Or, mail your plan to the Minnesota Board of Licensure for Nursing Home Administrators:

Randy Snyder, Executive Director
Minnesota State Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administration
2829 University Ave. S.E., Suite 440
Minneapolis, MN 55414


These courses are designed for persons entering the field of long-term care (primarily nursing home administration). Most courses combine on-campus seminars, correspondence study (several written assignments), and final examinations.

  • PubH 6535, Healthcare Services Accounting (3 cr)
  • PubH 7580, Organizational and HR Management in Long-Term Care (4 cr)
  • PubH 7581, Gerontology and Services for Long-Term Care Residents (2-4 cr)
  • PubH 7582, Practicum in Long-Term Care (4 cr)
  • PubH 7584, Health Care and Medical Needs (2 cr)
  • PubH 7587, Regulatory Management in Long-Term Care (2-4 cr)
  • PubH 7588, Information Uses in Long-Term Care (2 cr)
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