Research in the program spans a wide variety of topics because our students come from all across the Academic Health Center as well as from the pharmaceutical and device industries. Below is a partial list of student theses topics.

MS in Clinical Research Thesis Titles

  • Albumin Excretion Rate in Normal Adolescents: Relation to Insulin Resistance and Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Comparisons to Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Patients
  • A pre-post retrospective study of patients with cystic fibrosis and gastrostomy tubes
  • Reproducibility of cervical muscle strength and endurance measurements in chronic neck pain patients
  • Gastrointestinal Bleeding Rates in Nonpulsatile and Pulsatile Left Ventricular Assist Devices
  • Thrombocytosis in myelodysplastic and myelodysplastic/myeloproliferative syndromes
  • Predictors of Renal Structural Change Over 5 Years in Young, Type 1 Diabetic Patients
  • A Prospective Randomized Trial of Thalidomide with Topotecan Compared to Topotecan Alone in Women with Recurrent Epithelial Ovarian Carcinoma
  • Retrospective study of the impact of short term recombinant human growth hormone treatment in children with Hurler syndrome
  • Urinary Incontinence in Obese Adolescent Girls
  • Anal Neoplasia and Human Papillomavirus Infection in Women with Genital Neoplasia
  • CD4+ Cell Recovery in Lymphatic Tissues After Initial Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV Infection
  • Individualized chiropractic and integrative care for low back pain: the design of a randomized clinical trial
  • Gender Differences in C-Reactive Protein and Brain Natriuretic Peptide New Markers for Early Detection of Cardiovascular Disease in Asymptomatic Individuals
  • Impact of Admission to Community Versus PCI-Capable Hospitals on Patients with Acute Coronary Syndromes
  • Incidence of Brain Metastasis as First Site of Relapse and Other Patterns of Failure/Recurrence in Patients with Stage II and III Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
  • Reduced Renal Function and Sleep-Disordered Breathing in Community-Dwelling Elderly Men
  • Prognostic Significance of Elevated Cardiac Troponin I After Heart Surgery
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction in a Women’s Correctional Facility
  • Preventing HHV-6 Reactivation in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Patients
  • Pharmacogenetic Effect of the Fludarabine Pathway Polymorphisms on Fludarabine Associated Neurotoxicity in Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation
  • Hemoglobin Concentration During Pregnancy and the Risk of Infant Leukemia
  • Molecular Markers of Interval Colon Cancer
  • CD16xCD33 bispecific killer cell engager (BiKE) activates natural killer (NK) cells from myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) patients against primary MDS and myeloid-derived suppressor cell (MDSC) CD33-positive targets.
  • Environmental Contamination in Households of Patients with Recurrent Clostridium difficile Infection.
  • Survival Outcomes after Contralateral Prophylactic Mastectomy: A Decision Analysis.
  • Sleep Apnea and Progression of Coronary Artery Calcium: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis. The relationship of pre-operative laboratory coagulation parameters with post-operative hemorrhage in neurosurgical patients.
  • Elevated levels of 1-hydroxypyrene and NOe-Nitrosonornicotine in the urine of smokers with head and neck cancer: A matched control study.
  • Vitamin D Status and Longitudinal Lung Function Decline in the Lung Health Study.
  • Does Patient Rurality Predict Quality Colon Cancer Care? A Population Based Study.
  • Pain and Root Canal Therapy: Exploring their relationships within the DPBRN.
  • The Association between Plasma Stearoyl Co-A Desaturase-1 (SCE-1) Activity and Risk of Incident Type 2 Diabetes from the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Study.


Clinical Research MS faculty also have a wide range of research interests.

Clinical Research Faculty (PDF)

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