The University of Minnesota offers affordable and competitive graduate tuition while also being situated in one of the most affordable metropolitan areas in the country.


The School of Public Health has numerous scholarships for new students. All admitted students with a complete application by Dec. 1 will automatically be considered for internal scholarships.

Graduate Assistantships

A graduate assistantship is an on-campus, part-time job that includes attractive benefits. Assistantships are very competitive to obtain as the demand exceeds the number of available positions, but students with quantitative research skills using SAS, Stata, and similar analytic tools have a competitive advantage when seeking a research assistantship.

Benefits of Graduate Assistantships:

  • Tuition benefits: Graduate assistants receive both wages and a tuition subsidy based on the number of hours worked per week and their rate of tuition. Non-Minnesota residents also receive a waiver that covers the non-resident portion of tuition.
  • Health insurance coverage of at least 50 percent.
  • Invaluable working experience and opportunity to work closely with faculty

The Division of Health Policy & Management has Research Assistant (RA) positions available, and a few Teaching Assistant (TA) positions. Students may also look for graduate assistantship jobs outside of the department through the University’s Office of Human Resources Graduate Assistant Employment page.

Other Costs to Consider

  • Average cost of living in Minneapolis for a one-bedroom apartment is $899
  • Minnesota offers no tax on clothing
  • Minnesota students may receive an unlimited bus pass for $100/semester
  • Learn more about tuition costs
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