Biostatistics students in both the Masters and PhD programs are immersed in the division, assisting on high-impact national and international research projects, supporting the Division’s course offerings, and conducting their own research. Our students work closely with faculty advisers; with a student-to-faculty ratio that is one of the lowest among leading Biostatistics programs, students are able to get the training and personal attention they need to maximize their potential.

Students are actively involved in organizing both academic and social activities. The Student Seminar Series provides an opportunity to present and discuss work in progress, practice presentations for upcoming conferences, and learn new computing skills. Student seminars are typically closed to faculty.

Meet Our Students

Michael Anderson
Andy Becker
Roland Brown
Jessica Butts
Charles Cain
Sandra Castro-Pearson
Jennifer Czachura
Chuyu Deng
Yangqing Deng
Andrew Dilernia
Clara Drew
Anne Eaton
Bin Guo
Lillian Haine
Brian Hart
Jin Jin
Adam Kaplan
Jonathan Kim
Katherine (Alex) Knutson
Ales Kotalik
Sharon Ling
Boyang Lu
Grace Lyden
Maria Masotti
Shannon McKearnan
James Normington
Elise Northrop
Evan Olawsky
Jun Young Park
Jack Pattee
Ross Peterson
Jennifer Proper
Sarah Samorodnitsky
Souvik Seal
Carlos Serrano
Lianne Siegel
Aparajita Sur
Zhenxun Wang
Mengli Xiao
Yi Yang
Yuan Zhang
Jincheng Zhou
Rachel Zilinskas
Yoon Son Ahn
Xing Bai
Yunxiang Bai
Meghana Bhimarao
Karl Brown
Zachary Brown
Wenhao Cao
Ella Chrenka
Dillon Corrigan
Rebecca Freese
Elizabeth Gearhart
Xue Gong
Yuxin Guo
Katrina Harper
Xiang He
Ajing Huang
Meredith Hyun
Seonguk Jang
Ziyu Ji
Cassandra Johnson
Sungtae Kim
Gregory Knowlton
Matthew Kucera
Trang Le
Jingxin Lei
Menglu Liang
Jiawei Liu
Benjamin Mayhew
Tushar Patni
Michael Petzold
Xuan Pu
Yichen Que
Siyang Ren
Karan Shah
Torri Simon
Joe Swintek
Shruti Vempati
Yating (Flora) Wang
Zheng Wang
Tianhua Wu
Jiemin Yang
Qiuyu Yang
Shengwei Zhang
Weijie Zhang
Tingyang Zhou

Upcoming Student Presentations

Recent Student Presentations

Name Adviser Title
Xue Gong Thomas Murray A Hierarchical Testing Procedure for Settings with Binary Outcomes and Potential Treatment Effect Heterogeneity Across Pre-Defined Strata
Qiuyu Yang Chap Le Comparison of Propensity Score Methods for Observational Studies to Conventional Regression Analysis
Trang Le Mark Fiecas Bayesian Spectral Estimation and Test-retest Reliability of Low-frequency Oscillation Amplitudes in Resting-state fMRI
Siyang Ren Julian Wolfson Exploring Daily Activity Patterns from Mobile Phone Data
Tushar Patni Erika Helgeson Comparing Levenshtein and Euclidean Distances for Clustering Time Use Data
Meredith Hyun Thomas Murray Postoperative Patient Outcomes Following Left Ventricular Assist Device Implantation: An Application Format for the Minnesota Pectoralis Risk Score Predicting Patient Mortality, and A Cross-Validated Logistic Regression Model for Predicting Early Postoperative Severe Right Heart Failure
Shengwei Zhang Haitao Chu & Xianghua Luo A Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Meta-Analysis of Demand Curves
Tingyang Zhou Lynn Eberly Functional Data Analysis on Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Data of Spinocerebellar Ataxias
Jin Jin Joseph Koopmeiners & Lin Zhang Voxel-wise Classification of Prostate Cancer Using Multi-parametric MRI Data
Menglu Liang Haitao Chu Bayesian Network Meta-analysis of Multiple Outcomes in Dental Research
Yating Wang Cavan Reilly Power Analysis for Superiority and Non-inferiority Trials of Ebola Treatments
Xuan Pu Ashley Petersen Constructing One-Stage and Two-Stage Multi-Protein Classifiers for Early-Stage Ovarian Cancer Screening
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