March-April 2018

Twin Cities Adaptive Cycling fundraiser at Insight Brewery.

Bowling for Cancer fundraiser at Park Tavern.

MATTER, an organization that turns corporate surplus into life-saving resources for people that could benefit, specifically people living in scarcity. Pack and sort medical supplies.

People Serving People, the largest and most comprehensive family homeless shelter in Minnesota with 60% of guests averaging 6 years of age.

January 2018

Open Arms
Our volunteers started the new year strong with 8 MHA students who volunteered to deliver meals in pairs of two to residents with life threatening illnesses in the twin cities. In total 4 delivery routes completed with 26 people impacted and 312 meals delivered. Delivering meals is Open Arms’ biggest volunteer need. They are expanding their service delivery to recently discharged heart patients from the local healthcare system. It was an excellent experience for us to familiarize ourselves with a program so intimately tied to the populations we will serve in our careers someday.

November 2017

House of Charity
Seven of our volunteers served a Thanksgiving meal at House of Charity to their residents. Our group appreciated this opportunity, being able to help the under-served, especially during the holidays. Volunteering at House of Charity positively impacts our community because they are one of the only shelters to house people for as long as needed, as well as having room especially saved for our Veterans. Homelessness is a serious issue and as future leaders, we need to be able to think about the under-served community using the population health approach in order to positively impact our communities someday.


St. Gertrude’s Nursing Home

Another group of seven volunteers helped to serve at St. Gertrude’s. We helped their assisted living prepare for the holidays and interacted with the elderly to brighten their day, get them in the holiday spirit and improve their quality of life. St. Gertrude’s sincerely appreciated our help and already invited us back to volunteer another time. We also appreciated this opportunity, because many elderly do not have family to spend with during the holidays and we were able to spend quality time with them. As future leaders, we need to be able to spend time with our patients and residents to improve their patient/resident experience and quality of life. This volunteer opportunity was able to reinforce this notion.

October 2017

Reach for Resources – Ghostly Gala
In October, we had 9 MHA students/spouses serve at the Ghostly Gala. Our role was to manage a few of the game tables and provide a fun experience for the party attendees. Reach for resources provides a community for disabled individuals and their families. The events bring people together to enjoy game and socializing in a safe environment. Volunteering at this activity gave us a sense of the challenges that people who suffer from cognitive disabilities face on a daily basis. As future leaders in healthcare we need to be aware of the specific needs of all groups of people in our service areas.


September 2017

Ronald McDonald House
Thirteen volunteers volunteered to help make brunch for the families of patients in Minnesota Children’s Hospital. Approximately 50 people came to brunch. Patients in the Minnesota Children’s Hospital come from a large geographic region and from different economic situations. Ronald McDonald House provides services such as rooms and meals for patient families. Ronald McDonald House relies on financial donations and volunteers to help provide many of these services. The Cook for Kids program allows volunteer groups to cook a meal for patient families. This positively impacts the community as families who are experiencing difficult circumstances. Families are able to have meals provided and this removes a small stress from their lives. The MHA volunteers are positively impacted as they are able to see the gratitude evident in the faces of those who receive the meals. MHA volunteers are also able to understand, in a small way, the experience of patients and their families when health problems occur.

Past Events

January 2017

Dress for Success

On January 24th, CSI partnered with Dress for Success to put on a group volunteer experience for the MHA program. Dress for Success is a nonprofit that works with women to achieve economic independence by providing career development tools and attire to help women obtain employment.

There were 14 volunteers who attended this event. During this event, a portion of the MHA students helped with mock interviews while some worked with several women to find suits and professional outfits for job interviews. In addition, some volunteers worked with clothing donations to sort and hang items for their inventory room. We were able to provide a breakfast for MHA volunteers, Dress for Success staff, and women attending for services. Through this experience, we learned more about the organization and helped several women better themselves through career development. We are looking into another event with Dress for Success in the spring, which may include a clothing drive.

Meals on Wheels Delivery

Meals on Wheels is a community-based service that provides fresh, nutritious meals delivered directly to the homes of seniors and individuals with disabilities throughout the Twin Cities. In addition to regularly providing healthy foods, caring volunteers provide social connection that helps meal recipients remain living independently in their own homes. With the help of Meals on Wheels programs, seniors and people with disabilities get the nourishment and human connection needed to support daily activities, while reducing the need for medical support. For some recipients, these daily meals are the difference between living in their own homes and moving to a nursing home.

CSI partnered with Meals on Wheels on February 28th, 2016 to put on a group volunteer event for the MHA program. There were 7 volunteers and five routes, where 3 volunteers took a route on their own to deliver meals to various residents in need throughout Minneapolis. Through the experience we were able to interact with residents and have some great conversations while delivering the food. It was a very rewarding experience for us, especially by being able to impact many lives!


October 2016

Feed My Starving Children

Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) is a non-profit that provides meals to malnourished kids all around the world. The meals that are provided have reached nearly 70 countries! When children no longer have to worry about if or when they will recieve their next meal then they can focus on their dreams, education and being social.

On October 14th, 18 MHA volunteers came out to Feed My Starving Children in Eagan, Minnesota to pack meals for malnourished children in Nicaragua. This was such a great and rewarding experience because we were able to work together as classmates and with other members of the Twin Cities community to pack 93 boxes containing 20,088 meals. The impact of spending just two hours and packaging these meals is 55 children in Nicaragua will now have a meal every single day for one year. At the end of the shift we all sat down to watch a video about a little boy named Emma and how these meals have helped him to flourish into a healthy child who can now walk around and smile and not go to sleep hungry every night. He and his family now have one less thing to worry about, and they can spend time playing and just being kids. Feed My Starving Children is always such a fun place to volunteer, and it really shows the impact that just taking two hours out of the week can make in a child’s life.

Reach for Resources – Ghostly Gala

On October 29th, CSI partnered with Reach for Resources and helped set up a Halloween party, Ghostly Gala, for disabled children and their families. Reach for Resources is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support individuals with disabilities and mental illness to reach their full potential. They provide individualized services that maximize independence, promote community involvement and improve physical and mental well-being. CSI had 10 MHA volunteers who helped at the event by taking orders and serving food to the children and their families. The party was crowded and hence we learned to work efficiently as a team. The party also raised money for Reach for Resources.

September 2016

Ronald McDonald House

On September 18th, CSI partnered with Ronald McDonald House Cook for Kids program to serve patient’s families at the Minnesota Children’s Hospital. 13 MHA volunteers gathered to help make brunch for approximately 50 families of patients in Minnesota Children’s Hospital. Patients in the Minnesota Children’s Hospital come from a large geographic region and from different economic situations. Ronald McDonald House provides services such as rooms and meals for patient families. Ronald McDonald House relies on financial donations and volunteers to help provide many of these services. The Cook for Kids program allows volunteer groups to cook a meal for patient families. This positively impacts the community as families who are experiencing difficult circumstances. Families are able to have meals provided which removes a small stress from their lives.

March 2016

Second Harvest Heartland

On March 26th, CSI headed up a volunteering opportunity with Second Harvest Heartland, an organization that aims to lessen the burden of hunger on families in the Minnesota and Wisconsin region. There are 600,000 individuals in the region who do not know when or where their next meal is coming from. Second Harvest Heartland is about more than just moving food. It’s about making families whole again – making sure kids have the food they need to learn in school, relieving the stress of an empty cupboard for parents, or giving seniors a little bit more so they can stretch their dollars every month. CSI had 14 volunteers give their time to help with this great cause. Alongside other community volunteers, we packed 1,386 pounds of shaving supplies and 534 pounds of rice. Together, we provided 2,100 meals to help our community fight hunger.

February 2016

Ebenezer Nursing Home

Ten CSI volunteers hosted a “Be Mine” Valentine’s Day themed event at Ebenezer Nursing Home. Playing games and keeping residents company at the assisted living facility provided a great opportunity to connect with people in the community, specifically the aging adult population. Smiles were seen all around!

Bowling Fundraiser for Dance Marathon

Over 50 first- and second-year MHA students gathered for a bowling fundraiser hosted by CSI for the University of Minnesota Dance Marathon. UMN Dance Marathon is a student-led philanthropy organization that serves as a year long fundraising effort for Masonic Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis, MN. Partnering with UMNDM for this bowling tournament offered students the opportunity to have fun while serving the children and families at Masonic Children’s Hospital. Together, we raised nearly $550!

January 2016

Feed My Starving Children

After positive feedback from members 1st semester, CSI partnered with Feed My Starving Children for a second time. With the combined effort of 11 CSI volunteers and other community volunteers, 133 boxes (=28,728 meals) were packed to be sent to Haiti. CSI members left with a rewarding experience knowing that instead of wondering where their next meal will come from and sleeping on an empty stomach, the children reached in Haiti can focus on education, family, and friends.

December 2015

Open Arms of Minnesota

CSI volunteers headed to Open Arms, the only nonprofit organization in Minnesota that cooks and delivers free meals tailored to meet the nutrition needs of individuals living with cancer, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). Members of CSI split into teams and delivered 28 food packages to 28 individuals and their families. Delivering prepared meals and groceries allowed members of CSI to help ease the strain of those living with serious medical conditions and to see patients as real people with lives outside of a hospital or clinic.

November 2015

Ronald McDonald House

Nine CSI volunteers made and served breakfast at Ronald McDonald House of Minnesota Children’s Hospital on a November morning. Students prepared burritos, a fruit salad, chips with salsa and guacamole, muffins, and served them alongside beverages to the families of children receiving care in the hospital. It was wonderful to hear directly from those families how much they appreciated a “home cooked” meal. CSI helped save time, money, and stress for families of children with prolonged stays at Children’s.

People Serving People Tie Blankets

Over 20 CSI volunteers gathered to make fleece tie blankets to donate to the residents of People Serving People. PSP is the region’s largest and most comprehensive family-focused homeless shelter, providing respite for 1,286 homeless families. CSI donated a total of 24 blankets, which are used in the shelter’s rooms and early childhood classrooms, given to parents with new babies and any other families who need them, and put in move out baskets so families can have clean blankets for their new homes once they transition back into the community.

October 2015

Feed My Starving Children

Through the combined efforts of 13 MHA students and other volunteers, CSI assisted in packing 90 boxes equating to 19,440 meals! These boxes will go on to feed 54 children for one year, showing that our small time investments really do make a huge impact in the lives of many children. The meals packed were shipped to the Philippines (one of the 70 countries FMSC has reached) to help make sure children there do not have to wonder where their next meal is coming from. Because these children no longer have to worry about if they will be going to sleep on an empty stomach, they can focus on other things like school, families and friends.

Global Health Ministries Fair Market Value Project

Global Health Ministries is a non-profit organization that helps support global efforts in health care. Much of their work comes from shipping medical supplies all over the world. Because most of their supplies are donated, they do not know the value of their supplies. Our project was helping to find the fair market value of their products for tax purposes and general reporting. While drinking root beer floats, 18 MHA students came together to find the fair market value prices of approximately 600 different supplies for Global Health Ministries.

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