Each program has established requirements for completion of the field experience. Field experience requirements can take whatever form is deemed appropriate to the program.

Program Requirements

If you have questions about Field Experience requirements, please contact your program coordinator or advisor.

Before Beginning Your Field Experience

Before beginning your field experience, complete the following:

  • Fill out the Learning Agreement Worksheet based on the project or internship description you and your preceptor have agreed upon.
  • Share your completed worksheet with your preceptor, program coordinator, and faculty adviser to be sure learning activities and objectives are clear and that the field experience meets program requirements for course credit. Visit the resources page for additional resources as your write your learning objectives.
  • For international field experiences, students must complete the University of Minnesota university purpose travel registration process. Once these requirements are complete, they will pre-populate on the field experience learning agreement. Note: Students must discuss self-identified travel plans (international activities not promoted by the university) with an appropriate education abroad office, University faculty and/or staff member prior to confirming travel plans. To familiarize yourself with student expectations and definitions while abroad, visit the Student Travel and Education Abroad: Health and Safety Policy.
  • Initiate and submit the online Field Experience Learning Agreement prior to beginning the experience including all necessary signatures (preceptor, adviser, and coordinator(s)). Note: Students are required to enroll in Field Experience Course credits and submit the learning agreement before beginning the field experience. The student may only commence the field experience after they are registered for the field experience and the transcript shows registration for field credits.  Ideally, students should complete the field work during the term for which they are registered, but if necessary, a portion of their field experience can be done in another term.
  • Once the agreement is signed, register for the appropriate course number and credits. You will obtain a permission number from your program coordinator.

Note: Some facilities require a background criminal background check.  If students need a background check they can contact the Student Services Center at

During and After Your Field Experience: Student Responsibilities

  • Complete an evaluation of the field experience (see a sample in the field experience module);
  • Send a formal letter of thanks to their field preceptor;
  • Keep a copy of your field experience learning agreement.
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