Curtis Norman

Master of Healthcare Administration MHA

"Personally transformative medical experiences — including the birth of my little girl, Lucy, who was born three months early and weighing 1 lb. 3 oz. — led me from a career in technology onto a path in health care.

Curtis Norman
Curtis Norman, MHA student

After spending five months in the hospital with my wife and daughter, I knew that I needed to help patients and families have a positive experience, just as we had.

As a health care leader, I want to improve patient experiences because life’s happiest and most difficult moments happen within the walls of a hospital and I want them to have the best experience possible. I also think that health care data has the ability to tell powerful stories about patients and organizations, which can help leaders make informed decisions. And finally, I want to address the problem of burnout among health care professional by ensuring that they are heard, engaged, and feel valued.”


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