Elise Northrop

Elise Northrop

Biostatistics PhD

"I’m studying public health because I want to make a difference — especially in the lives of children.

Elise Northrop
Elise Northrop, Biostatistics PhD student

Children have their whole futures in front of them, and if I can help make beneficial changes to their health while they are young, it could potentially prevent later health issues and allow them to live longer, healthier lives.

I started undergrad as a pre-med student, but I found out that I am terrified of needles and I needed a new plan. I discovered that public health is a field where I can still help people, but in a more behind-the-scenes role.

Now, I’m studying biostatistics and learning how to conduct research that will impact how doctors prevent illnesses or treat patients. I currently assist with the childhood obesity research group here at the University. I help this group research cardiovascular health in obese children as well as the effects of surgery or drugs to induce weight loss in these individuals.”

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