In the Media — January 2018

Recent media coverage of School of Public Health faculty, researchers, students, and post-doctoral fellows.

									Charlie Plain |
																			February 6, 2018

Lynn Blewett
1/8: Farmer health plans draw 1,700 in Minnesota (StarTribune)
1/26: Minnesota attorney general sues Trump administration over cuts in federal health funds (StarTribune)

Michelle Brasure (research associate)
1/19: Too good to be true? Experts clash on whether hitting the gym helps the brain (STAT)

Sarah Gollust
1/24: UMN bioethics series to address opioid abuse (Minnesota Daily)

Rachel Hardeman
1/26: Erica Garner and Serena Williams’ stories underscore health inequalities facing black women (MinnPost)

Craig Hedberg
1/5: Romaine Roulette: E. coli in lettuce (Unsafe Foods)

Rebecca Leighton (student)
1/24: Student hunger program follows up on successful semester (Minnesota Daily)

Russell Luepker
1/22: Will Smoking Pot Harm Your Heart? Experts Weigh In (U.S. News & World Report)

Jan Malcolm (adjunct professor)
1/31: New Minnesota health commissioner makes fight vs. elder abuse a high priority (StarTribune)

Dianne Neumark-Sztainer
1/05: Yoga helps young adults feel better about their bodies, U of M study finds (MinnPost)

Michael Osterholm
1/8: We’re not ready for a flu pandemic (New York Times)
1/9: U.S. government, others must prioritize development of universal flu vaccine (Kaiser Health News)
1/19: Our complacency about the flu is killing us (Time)
1/22: Stop lollygagging and step up the search for a ‘universal’ flu vaccine (Chicago Tribune)
1/23: It’s still not too late to get a flu shot (WBUR Radio)
1/26: Scientists are now rushing to develop a universal flu vaccine (CNBC)
1/29: Review: How to Achieve ‘The End of Epidemics’ (The Wall Street Journal)

Traci Toomey
1/22: Is The Current Legal Blood Alcohol Limit Too High? (CBS Minnesota)

Daniel Zismer
1/3: Report finds ‘huge swings’ in Minnesota hospital charges (MPR NewsRochester Post Bulletin)
1/5: Health Department report finds ‘huge swings’ in Minnesota hospital charges (Fergus Falls Daily Journal)


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