In the News — September 2017

Recent media coverage of School of Public Health faculty, researchers, students, and post-doctoral fellows.

									Charlie Plain |
																			September 8, 2017

Professor Jean Abraham
9/14: Podcast #34: Health care costs – ‘a problem hiding in plain sight’ (

Professor Lynn Blewett
9/12: With repeal and replace dead, Congress is getting down to business on stabilizing Obamacare (MinnPost)
9/15: Why single-payer is not likely our path forward (Star Tribune)
9/22: Latest health care repeal bill in Senate could cost Minnesota billions (Star TribunePharmacy Choice)

Professor Ellen Demerath
9/21: Researchers investigate link between breast milk and obesity (Minnesota Daily)

Professor Bryan Dowd
9/1: Talk about privilege is best focused on policy (Star Tribune)

Peiyin Hung (Phd student)
9/5: More than half of rural counties don’t have a hospital where women can give birth (The Washington PostMedscape)
9/17: Obstetrics units inaccessible for many rural women, U study says (Minnesota Daily)

Professor John Finnegan
9/14: University-hosted conference aims to shift conversation around gun violence (MnDaily)

Associate Professor Sarah Gollust
9/1: Trump guts budget for Obamacare ads (Bloomberg)
9/5: Trump cuts to Obamacare’s ads threaten law’s fragile markets (ReachMD); What happens when you cut Obamacare advertising? Let’s ask Kentucky (VoxInsurance Journal)

Researcher Carrie Henning-Smith
9/17: Obstetrics units inaccessible for many rural women, U study says (Minnesota Daily)

Assistant Professor Hyun Kim
9/6: Why Harvey will be a mental health disaster, too (Fortune)

Mary Kosuth (student)
9/5: If you’re drinking tap water, you’re consuming plastic pollutants (Public Radio International)
9/11: New study: Billions of people drinking micro plastic particles in tap water (Informed Infrastructure)

Associate Professor Katy Kozhimannil
9/5: Another thing disappearing from rural America: Maternal care (ProPublicaModern HealthcareMinnPostRoute Fifty); Role of racial and geographical bias in rural maternity care (
9/6: Access to care seen as issue as rural counties lose obstetric units (Star Tribune)
9/7: Abortion clinics are closing in rural America. So are maternity wards (Vox)
9/8: Rural areas hurt by loss of obstetrics care (Rochester Post Bulletin)
9/13: The health care crisis facing rural moms (CBS News)
9/17: As maternity services vanish in rural Maine, mothers expect to travel long distances to hospitals (Maine Press Herald)
9/19: As rural counties lose obstetrics, women give birth far from home (KBIA-Radio)
9/25: Rural maternity wards are closing, and women’s lives are on the line (Huffington Post); Maternity wards are closing in rural America leaving pregnant women without care (Jezebel)

Professor Michael Oakes
9/26: UTSA researcher selected for National Leadership Program to build a culture of health in South Texas (UTSA Today)

Regents Professor Michael Osterholm
9/13: A new finding of a possible flu shot-miscarriage link shows science prioritizes vaccine safety (STAT)
9/16: Restaurants, diners taking precautions after latest hepatitis A scare (San Diego Union Tribune)
9/20: Why flu vaccines so often fail (Science Magazine)
9/20: MERS: Will it ever spread out of the Arabian peninsula such that the rest of the world should be concerned? (Outbreak News Today)
9/28: How Zika virus went from mild to devastating (HealthDayU.S. News & World ReportWebMD)
Is a hepatitis A vaccine shortage coming? (San Diego Union Tribune); America’s public health enemy No 1: How Minnesota thought they’d beaten measles until the disgraced British doctor who falsely linked the MMR jab to autism came to town (Daily Mail)

Associate Professor Marizen Ramirez
9/8: Farm safety: Taking a moment to prevent catastrophe (The Land)
9/18: Light up equipment to help keep all drivers safe (Minnesota Farm Guide)

Professor Simon Rosser
9/7: Queering sexual health: UMN professor tackles prostate cancer (Minnesota Daily)
9/15: Study looks at prostate cancer effect on gays (Washington Blade)

State Health Access Data Assistance Center (SHADAC)
9/10: High deductibles aren’t just an Obamacare phenomenon (Forbes)
9/15: Nearly 25 million U.S. workers now have high-deductible health plans (U.S. News & World Report)

Associate Professor Irina Stepanov
9/7: VERIFY: Secondhand smoke in e-vapor vs. cigarettes (KARE-TV)
9/21: Fogarty awards $10.7M to build tobacco control and prevention research capacity in developing countries (Fogarty International Center)


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