Students Create PSAs to Promote Breastfeeding

									Sarah Howard |
																			June 21, 2017

Breastfeeding is recommended by top health care organizations, including the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). But barriers exist, including lack of employer support and misinformation.

To help promote breastfeeding, Maternal & Child Health and Public Health Nutrition MPH students enrolled in PubH 6902, Maternal, Infant, and Preschool Nutrition partnered with MDH and its Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program to create public service announcements.

While course instructor and Associate Professor Jamie Stang has been assigning PSAs as part of her course for six years, this is the first time she has partnered with MDH. “Students were really excited to have their work used by MDH, and MDH was happy to use the content to promote breastfeeding. It’s a win-win project and partnership,” says Stang.

While MDH’s Breastfeeding Peer Coordinator Linda Dech and Stang developed guidelines and Dech talked with the students about the program and what content MDH could use, students came up with the own ideas and presented their PSAs to MDH. MDH is using four of these PSAs focused on lactation support.

“Students learn a lot through these projects, including working in small groups, developing timelines and work plans, and project management,” says Stang.

The videos will be promoted through MDH/WIC channels, including social media and on iPads found in WIC waiting rooms.

Watch the PSAs

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